Monday, October 13, 2008

The Month We Don't Get Credit For

On Tuesday, I will be 36 weeks pregnant. Divide 36 by four (the average number of weeks per month) and that makes me 9 months pregnant. Yes, I will be 9 months pregnant (that means I'll be finished nine months of pregnancy) and still be four weeks away from my due date of Nov. 12th. Therein lies the irony of the month not known about.

People ask, "How far along are you?"
"Oh, nine months."
"So.....your due date"
"Nope. Four weeks away."
A strange awestruck confusion follows. And who can blame them. No one has told them. They're just wondering how they could have lived so long and not have been told about that last month of pregnancy.
I'd venture to say it's one of life's best-kept secrets.


Anonymous said...

Except that there aren't really only four weeks per month. There are four weeks and 2 or 3 days per month. Multiply those 2 or 3 days ( ignore February for now) and you get an extra 3 weeks in there. So a 40 week pregnancy is actually 9 calendar months plus a week. So Definitely longer than 9 months but not a whole month extra.

Whibbsy said...

I think I was nearing the 11th month(LOL)!

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