Thursday, September 04, 2008

New Friend

I went walking around the block tonight. It is shocking what passes as exercise these days. I just gaze merrily at fence designs and flower gardens and ponder life passively. I came upon an older lady who was standing on a bridge overlooking the creek. I stopped to look over into the water and she said, "I like the sound of the water." I smiled. And then she asked, "Do you think it will rain?"

Thus ensued a conversation about pregnancy, her family, her dreadful daughter-in-law, the grandchild she can't see, her experiences as a former kindergarten teacher and her 35 year wedding anniversary etc. We wandered around the block slowly and finally she stopped in front of a house and said, "This is where I live." I must admit, I was a bit sad. She said that if I wanted to walk with her again or talk, she could come by my house and knock on my door around the same time another evening. I told her my address without a second thought.

On my way home, I wondered at how easily I had told a perfect stranger where I live. I wondered at how she had not only offered me her first name but also her last name when she'd shaken my hand. And, she had shown me where she lived too (we were standing right in front of it).

Then I thought, "Ah, she's a sixty year old lady who is a foot shorter than me. What harm could she be to me?" And, come to think of it, she probably felt safe divulging to me too. After all, I'm nearly 8 months pregnant, she probably figures she can take me.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

quite the image of your great battle -- i've still got my money on you! here come cynical me: if nothing else, you might have scored yourself a great babysitter for emergency situations (like meeting me for tea!)

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