Sunday, August 24, 2008

Sorry Mr. Suzuki

I am trying very, very hard to remember to bring my reusable grocery bags to grocery stores and even, when I'm VERY with-it, to regular department stores. Today, however, my good intentions doubly punished Mother Earth.

I needed a tub of sour cream. So I slung a cloth bag over my shoulder and headed over to the Ultra mart.

I found the sour cream, proceeded to the check-out and then went into daydreaming mode and forgot to tell the young cashier that I had my own cloth bag. She had already put my sour cream tub (completely sealed up and non-contaminating, I might add) into a disposable plastic bag. Once I'd paid and she handed me the bag, I looked at it for a moment and then realized my mistake. "Actually," I proclaimed proudly, "I brought my own grocery bag today. So I don't need this one thanks."

I carefully took out the receipt and the product and put them in my cloth bag.

The girl shrugged as I gave her back her plastic bag. She balled it up with her hands and tossed it into a garbage.

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mao said...

Well different grocery stores are more advanced than others. Using your own cloth bags at Dominion self-serve checkout is a huge pain...

That is because the scales are SO sensitive, they must calibrate the scales to the weight of your cloth bag! Or it won't work!

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