Monday, May 26, 2008

PC words of flattery for pregnant ladies

I know that I have some very loving friends and caring co-workers who want to show their support and interest in my pregnancy. They want to acknowledge that they notice my mid-section is growing and it's probably because of the baby. This is a very delicate path to tread on, since weight gain is not normally something you point out to a lady. But so deep is the desire to share in the excitement, sometimes we trip up or seem to trip up in the opinions of the overly-sensitive ever-expanding pregos.

As I look back on today, I hope to heaven I never said anything hurtful or insensitive to any of my pregnant friends (or pregnant strangers). And I know my boss didn't mean to be hurtful when she glanced at my belly and said, "Gettin' kind of chubby there, aren't we?" But I thought I would help create a list, in my humble opinion of safe comments vs. unsafe comments:

safe comment: What a cute baby bump!
unsafe comment: You're HUGE!
safe comment: You're glowing.
unsafe comment: Wow, even your ankles look pregnant.
safe comment: You can't even tell you're pregnant from behind.
unsafe comment: You look about ready to pop.
unsafe comment: You look exhausted. Must be from carrying around all that extra weight.
unsafe comment: Boy, you sure ARE eating for two, aren't you?
unsafe comment: I only put on twelve pounds when I was pregnant with my eldest.
unsafe comment: I ran until eight hours before I gave birth to my daughter.
unsafe comment: You can tell you're having a boy because you're carrying it all in your ass.

Best to be informed. Keeps everyone safer.


Ben & Maryann Roebuck said...

So, talking about looking ready to pop and also carrying around extra weight are unsafe? Good to know. I wouldn't have thought this.

Anonymous said...

my personal favourite (although thankfully not said to me): wow, when you get pregnant, you get pregnant all over!!!!

jen :)

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