Sunday, April 20, 2008

I'm Turning 30

Tomorrow is Queen Elizabeth II's birthday. It is also the day I turn 30. Today I had my very last meal as a 29 year old. It was a steak salad. It was pretty good, but had I realized when I was planning the meal, the intense significance of the event, I might have put more thought into it. I certainly would have added mandarin slices.

Anyway, Mark says turning 30 isn't so bad (he's 29). I said I think it classifies as "middle age". He says that's not true. I asked if 37 is "middle age". After some thought, "Yes", he decided. And when we turn 37, we will make "38" the threshold.

Mark is very busy these days taking a course, and since I am not in much of a hurry, we think we might postpone my 30th birthday to Wednesday.

1 comment:

Smakie said...

Happy birthday Melissa!

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