Monday, December 10, 2007

Down in Dodgeball History

Monday December 10th, 2007 will go down in Dodgeball History as the day Team Hillcrest dodged, dove, ducked, deaked and dodged just enough to bring home their very first victory ever. Not only a victory, but a landslide victory (11-6), there was event a moment when WE (you heard that correctly) had a six point lead and WE had to go “live” so they had the underdog advantage. This was truly unchartered waters.

Yeats claimed we won because of his shiny, red tear-away pants (up until now, he’s always worn the blue pair). Possibly it helped that Craig has shot-guns for arms. But what was truly beautiful was the way our team showed its evolution in strategy with the link-arms-and-reach-across-the-midline move (even though it was unsuccessful, I think it dazzled them) and with our throw-four-balls-simultaneously move. This is arguably the day Team Hillcrest learned the true Science of dodgeball.

The most memorable moment was Craig’s (pardon me but...) NO-FUCKING-WAY block. There’s this really bendy, fast Chinese guy on the other team, who’s really cheating (he’s always getting hit but claiming he didn’t) and so when he threw the ball at Craig, I think I saw a twinkle of N.F.W and he slammed his hand diagonally in front of him, deflecting the offensive ball with the ball he was pawing in what can only be described as something between an angry fly-swat and a slam-dunk swing. It was testament to dodgeball as an Art.

Be it the Science or the Art of dodgeball that we now have mastery over, we’ve been dreaming of a night like tonight and today it finally came to be.

Instead of “good game”, when I shook each opponent’s hand, I said, “Thank you.”

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