Sunday, November 11, 2007

Melissa Moment

Welcome to the daily Melissa Moment. A free chuckle at my expense due to my stupidity.

Carolyn and I were on a road trip. We were on our way back from visiting with her grandmother in Cambridge. So the conversation was a quick synopsis of her extended family and their relationships. Somewhere along the way, it came up that her Uncle Bob lives in Michigan. Interesting. I know Michigan is in the States. I am definitely not a geography pro, but I DO recognize that Michigan is part of the US.

Later, she mentions how funny it was that her brother, Stu, was at a mall in Detroit when he ran into none other than Uncle BOB!

And what do I say (trying to demonstrate that I’ve been listening and remembering important details), “That’s ESPECIALLY ironic because Uncle Bob lives in MICHIGAN…but he ran into Stu in Detroit!”

Carolyn doesn’t say anything.

So I add, “How far is it from Michigan to Detroit?”

“Um….Michigan is the State and Detroit a city in Michigan.”

“Oh.” ‘Cause there’s really no way to save face after that.
The only thing to do is blog about it so everyone can enjoy.

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Anonymous said...

and i did enjoy that one :)

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