Saturday, October 20, 2007

Shaver Residence

I go to the Shaver Residence often enough. Maybe I've been there a total of twenty times. That's enough times that I definitely don't have to look at street names any more.

But today I decided to take a different route (this is precisely why I am a woman of strict routines! Order buffalo chicken fingers when at a restaurant and check left and right eight times before crossing the street). Somehow, I became convinced that I could just take Lakeshore all the way to Royal Windsor (which I did successfully) and then Royal Windsor would curve north and BECOME Ford Drive.

It does not.

It stays Royal Windsor. Then I suddenly saw a huge ramp ahead of me and a sign over it that said "QEW" and I thought "OH NO!".

I had to get off this crazy street. I turned right and found myself in the heart of the Ford Plant. There were speed bumps and parking lots for employees and an enormous parking lot filled with Ford Minivans of all different colours (not all shapes and sizes though, just one of each). I began to feel panicky. I wondered if I should pull over or if I should place a terrified phone call to the Shavers themselves. I knew they would be too hysterical with laughter to be helpful, so I decided to unstuck myself all alone.

I decided if I kept turning right, I should end up back where the mistake had been made. The QEW, that was once in front of me, was now to my left (I'm not sure how that happened) and I eventually DID find my way back to Ford Drive (and the junction where it meets with the good old familiar Truscott - but named Kingsway in Oakville - it's no wonder people get confused) and I did find my way to the Shaver Household.

So take it from me - Royal Windsor does not turn into Ford Drive.
In case you thought it did.

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