Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Warming Up the Car

I’m always a bit nervous when I warm up the car. I open the blinds so if someone tries to steal it (while the keys are obviously in it), I’ll know. I’ll know only when it’s too late, but at least I’ll know.

So yesterday, I came up with a solution. I locked the car doors while the car was heating up. And it was perfect because Mark and I could finish getting ready for school and he had a second set of keys and the car was safe in the driveway and it was warm when we got into it. The only setback was that I had heated the car up using my set of keys and, since Mark drives me to school, he has to stop the car to give me my set of keys back and he has to restart the car using his own set of keys.

Today we became even more efficient by starting the car with HIS set of keys right off the bat. Then I decided to put all of my school bags (and my purse) into the car before putting out the garbage. And as I was coming into the house, I locked the car doors (you know, to be really safe). It wasn’t until I was taking off my shoes in the entrance way that it dawned on me what I’d done. I’d locked my set of keys into the already-running car with Mark’s keys.

So we had to call CAA. Except my CAA card was in my wallet in my purse in the car. Good thing (and I can’t believe I’m using those two words in this story) I had an extra copy of my CAA membership registration in my filing cabinet. I phoned and they sent a tow truck. Alas, they were very booked this morning in Mississauga, so Cybil (the Sentra) got to warm up for a solid 40 minutes.

The good news is that no one was hurt, no harm was done and I will never do that again.

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