Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Cold and Abandoned

I am at Delia’s house, in my soaking wet running clothes (even though we finished running three hours ago). I am miserable and cold and abandoned. Okay, so no one abandoned me. I locked myself out of my apartment.

Delia, my friend, was driving over to go running with me. She dropped her keys onto my kitchen table, I took the key off my key ring and carefully threaded it into my shoe lace and away we went...knowing full well that when we returned in an hour, Mark would already be gone. He was supposed to tutor for three hours.

When D & I got back to the apartment, I took the key and slipped it into the lock on the back door, but it wouldn’t turn. I wiggled it – still no rotation. Then I looked at it carefully and realized that I held in my hand the key to our shed. I had four keys on my key ring. Three of them unlocked doors to our house. I had a 75% chance of picking the ring one, but instead I took the key to our SHED!

As Delia and I walked to her place (remember, although her car is parked on our street, her car keys are in my apartment), I reflected on the irony of it all. As I was leaving, I knocked on the bathroom door (Mark was about to hop into the shower). And I hollered, “Don’t forget to lock the door! I’ve got a key!”

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Deaner said...

I can totally relate....I spent about, oh, 1 hour sitting outside our building on Monday. I too, was cold and abandoned! How is the running? Mine is horrible!

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