Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Big Numbers

It is very important to Mark and I that we teach our kids about the importance of money. So we started giving Cole an allowance each week and when he wants to buy something like a book from his Scholastic book order, we make him get the money out of his piggy bank and count it and put it into the envelope to be sent to school.

Finally, we thought we'd better take this process to the next level. Cole had been asking about LEGO. So finally, we set a date for my husband to take him to the toy store with a fistful of cash from his piggy bank to buy a LEGO kit. Well, LEGO costs more than we'd anticipated. Cole had to use all the money he'd been saving up to purchase the LEGO kit he wanted. But he had no regrets. He LOVES it.

Now each time he sees a toy he wants, he reflects on whether he has any money left in his piggy bank. My husband and I pat each other on the back when we hear him pondering whether he can afford a toy. We feel like great parents in these moments. Task accomplished! Our son gets it! He understands the value of money. And even more importantly, he understands what it is to have an empty piggy bank! We are AWESOME at this!

Then, Cole and I were reading a book about dinosaurs together at bedtime. And we came to a part where it mentioned how many years ago a certain underwater dinosaur lived. 450 million years ago!

"Wow!" I exclaimed, "That's a looooooooooong time ago."

Cole's eyes were wide as if he truly did understand the magnitude of that number. And he asked warily, "Is that all of the money in my piggy bank?"

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