Friday, May 18, 2012

Someday I'm Going to Tell this Story at your Wedding: What Makes a Good Mom?

I was tucking my three year old into bed a few nights ago and he reminded me that tomorrow was Mother's Day.

"What makes a good mommy?" I asked him.

"You know all the things," he replied.

"What things do I know?"

He began to list them off on his fingers, "You know frogs and birds and animals and bats!"

"Frogs and birds and animals and bats?  And that's what makes a good mommy?"

He nodded then corrected, "Frogs and birds and KIDS and bats!"

"Is there anything else that makes a good mommy?"


"And what makes a good daddy?"

"He knows how to make meat pie."

Someday I'm going to Tell this Story at your Wedding, Son.

*This is my Friday feature. It's a silly story about something my kids have said or done (and there really are an abundance of them). I'd love for you to Link up and share your silly stories. The kind you'll enjoy sharing at their weddings some day.*

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