Sunday, April 22, 2012

Happy Earth Day

There's a lull in energy just before the kids go to bed in the afternoon.  Mark decided to make a Timmies run for us, so I placed my order and off he went. 

When the kids were tucked in for their naps, he returned.  He was chopping up cabbage in the kitchen, when I came in and asked if there had been a long line-up at Tim Horton's.  He shook his head no, but then replied, "But I almost got in a fight.... with a lady!"

I smiled, "This better be good," I said.

So he said that there was a woman in a Cadillac in the drive-thru in front of him.  She had her children with her.  And she tried to throw some garbage out her car window into the garbage can and missed.  Then she threw some more garbage out the window, Mark feels, knowing she wouldn't get it into the can. 

Regardless of her motivations, when she pulled forward, knowing it was Earth day, Mark got out of his car and picked it all up and put it into the garbage before pulling his car forward.

Her response was a handful of F-bombs and a remark about "You think you're so much BETTER than me!"

Mark's reply was, "Happy Earth Day!"

The whole account makes me smile.
Sometimes he makes me so proud.

How unfortunate for the Cadillac woman that Mark's actions made her have to re-examine her own.

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