Sunday, April 22, 2012

Crafty Morning

Cole and I picked new library books this morning.
One of the books was called Construction Trucks (at least one out of ten that we borrow is about trucks or construction).  On the last page, there was a pocket with a paper hard hat.  It was, of course, ripped after many uses. I promised Cole I could make him a new one.

So I got out the construction paper.  I set the book's hard hat in front of me and got to work sketching a replica.  I sought out scissors and cut out my hard hat and then I rummaged through my study for a stapler. I made a band that could go around Cole's head, measured it carefully and stapled it at the right size. 

Immediately after having it on his head for three seconds, he decided it was an okay hard hat.  But it wasn't as good as a pirate ship.

A pirate ship?

I got out more construction paper.  I folded the paper in two and stapled the ends.  Then I got out straws and cut them and inserted them to hold the middle of the boat out, so it looked a bit like a canoe.  I stapled another straw in place, creating a mast.  Then I threaded a purple sail down the mast, stapling it in place in just such a way so it curved a bit, giving the effect of imaginary wind.  As the pi├Ęce de r├ęsistance, I added a tiny triangle of a sail at the very top of the mast.  I smiled with satisfaction at Cole.
Isn't it a good pirate ship?

He agreed it was a very good pirate ship.
For about four seconds.

Until he discovered it couldn't go in water.

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