Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Adventures in Elevators

Yesterday, Cole and I went to the library. Since we had the stroller with us, we took the elevator up to the 2nd floor where the children's section is located. Then, we decided to go look for some books for me on the 3rd floor.

Thinking it would be fun, I let Cole push the buttons. First, the buttons for both the 3rd and the 1st floor got pushed. THEN, he hit the CALL for HELP button. The light began to flash indicating that the call was being made. I could hear a phone ringing and my heart began to race.

We reached the 3rd floor and I decided the responsible thing would be to wait in the elevator until someone "picked up" the line and then explain to them that there was no emergency. I held the door open so the elevator wouldn't take us back down to the 1st floor.

Then, I heard a voice on the line asking if we needed assistance. Unfortunately, at that very moment, the alarm began to sound, indicating that the door to the elevator had been held open for just long enough and the elevator was sick of it! This loud noise made Cole begin to cry and yell "SCARED, Mommy. SCARED." Above the alarm and my crying son, I was trying to shout "We're ALRIGHT! We don't need help. It was an accident. We don't need help."

In the end, we had to get out of the elevator and find a help desk and report the incident because I was pretty sure the communication hadn't been clear enough. On our way back down to the first floor, I explained to Cole that nothing like that would happen again in the elevator, as long as Mommy was the one pushing the buttons.

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