Friday, June 25, 2010


My friend's son, Niblet, is 2 years old.
And he is at the heart-warming stage where, when his parents are leaving and they say to him, "Bye, bye, Niblet. I love you," he will reply in his chirpy voice, "Bye bye. I wuv you."

Also, Niblet is in the beginning stages of being toilet trained. As part of the understanding-what-poop-is-and-where-it-goes process, Niblet's parents take his poopy diapers and drop the poop into the toilet before him. He then gets to flush it down.

The other day, after such a ritual, he leaned over so he could peer into the toilet bowl and waved at his descending fecal matter and chimed, "Bye bye. I wuv you!"

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