Monday, October 20, 2008

On Bellies

They look strange. I was examining my pregnant belly shots (posted below) and it occurred to me that all those times when I watched movies and the hollywood actresses were sporting those strangely molded bellies with protruding belly buttons and an oddly eerie smoothess to the skin and I was scoffing and saying, "That belly is soooooooooooooooooooooooooo fake," well, maybe I was wrong. Apparently the realest of bellies can look very pretend.

Also today I think I realized that BP is running out of space. You hear and read about it. They (all the websites and such) say that the movement peaks around week 32 or 34 or something like that and then he starts to get kind of cramped in there. I mean yes, I still feel lots of moving around, but there aren't those sporadic wind-up-and-let-er-rip kicks anymore. And I began to wonder about how I still have several weeks (in theory) left in my pregnancy and I thought about just how squished a little guy can get. Then I thought....hey now....couldn't I just keep expanding to give him more space? How does my body know when to stop ballooning? Does the uterus actually have an upper limit to its stretchiness? (If you've seen the beginning credits to Jon and Kate Plus Eight, you might be inclined to think no). And if he had space before, what was making me expand so readily if not his body pressing up against my uterine lining? Just the water? Man, that's water pressure!

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