Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Things a Teacher Never Wants to Hear

As I type that sentence, so many possibilities spring to mind, but today I lived what felt to me a hilarious moment during my science class.

The students were building their Mechanical Arms using hammers and saws and a recently purchased electric drill.

Somehow, one of my round-faced little boys had been working on drilling a hole in a piece of wood (which we assumed must be EXTREMELY dense) for about fifteen minutes. The hole just didn't seem to be getting deeper. (We later learned he had the bit rotating in the wrong direction.) Consequently, the drilling was taking a long time and the wood was heating up against the metal bit.

My head snapped up in sheer panic (later it would dissolve into absolute amusement) when I heard a calm, yet slightly worried voice ask me, "Mme Peron, Is this supposed to be smoking?"

Fire, on a list of things-teachers-don't-want-to-occur-in-a-classroom, is right up there with dismemberment and accidental nudity. Possibly a close third.

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