Saturday, November 17, 2007

Saturday Morning Coffee

I decided to treat Mark to a coffee today. So I drove down the road to the local Tim Hortons to get him one. It was surprisingly full for 9 a.m. on a Saturday (or at least, it surprised me). And when I finally got to the counter, I handed the girl two loonies and received my change. I glanced down at my palm to count it and wondered if the gentleman who'd held the door for me on my way out knew I was counting the change. I wondered if that seemed too suspicious for Burlington. I got back into the car and wondered, as I started it up and backed out of the parking spot, whether I could run another errand before going home. I was well out of the parking lot when I was deciding that it kind of depended on the temperature of the coffee and whether it could hold its heat for a few more minutes.

That's when I glanced down at the cup holder and realized I hadn't actually taken the coffee.


Anonymous said...

Good one!

Anonymous said...

ok .. so almost spit my water out all over the computer screen. oh loftus ... and i make YOU look less strange??????

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