Thursday, September 21, 2006

Weekly Lock-Yourself-Out-of-the-Apartment Day

I hereby christen WEDNESDAY as Lock-Yourself-Out-of-the-Apartment Day. You all know what happened to me last weekend after my run with Delia. You all read my blog (as you faithfully do).

Well THIS week, I was absolutely determined NOT to lock myself out of my apartment. Mark was, again, going tutoring for the evening and Delia and I were, again, going running. This week, we decided to go with the Running Room Club. Delia picked me up before Mark had left to tutor, and I made absolutely sure that I had my entire key chain with me when I got in her car.

When I got home at the end of the night, despite the fact that there was no logical reason for there to be a problem, I half held my breath as I put the key in the lock. No problemo. In I went!

As I was heading through the house to the back room, I noticed some of the Venetian blinds were askew. Hmmm, I thought.

When Mark got home from tutoring, I asked why he was late returning. He replied, “because I was late getting there.” Why on earth was he late getting there, you ask? He locked the apartment door on his way out, using the little button on the inside handle, and then realized he couldn’t get into the car because he’d left the keys in the house. So he had to go to the back windows (which were, thankfully, open) and push in the screens and climb in like a cat burglar. Then he had to carefully put the screens back.

If only I’d thought of that LAST week!

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