Monday, September 18, 2006

My Secret Love Affair

It’s really a not-so-secret love affair. It occurred to me that what was once a friendship has “crossed that line” the other day, during a staff meeting. A culinary genius (who also happens to be a teacher) at our school, had created a moist, sweet carrot cake masterpiece with cream cheese icing and set it out for the other teachers. Of course, the other staff members who know me, calmly moved to the side as I made a beeline for it. Later, at my seat, a friend began chatting with me. She then noticed I was absorbed in what I was doing. I said, “Hold on a second. I’m just making love to this carrot cake.”

That was the moment. It was an epiphany. It might be defined as a dependency. Not on carrot cake per se. But it is somewhat abnormal how giddy I become when there is an extra piece of pie sitting out or there are cheesies in the staff room. I used to say that I am proud that I can delight in the small joys of life. However, these joys DO come at a price. One can only indulge in a finite number of these joys before the indulgence becomes apparent and takes its toll.

This leads to another love of mine … running. It allows me to have my love affair with food, with LESS consequence (I’m not stupid enough to fool myself into thinking they erase each other).

I’m not saying this is a healthy way to view food OR exercise. But denial is counter-productive and unbecoming. This runner LOVES her food! So try to avoid getting between her and the last cupcake!

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