Tuesday, August 14, 2012

The Last Pancake

As a treat, this morning, I made pancakes for the kids for breakfast.
I also sliced up apples. The rule was that if you finished your half pancake and all your apples, you could have half of the last pancake (to be shared between both kids).

Cole got so caught up on the idea that he had to finish his apples, he wolfed them down and then, though he wouldn't admit it, he was too full to eat his pancake. He still wanted dibs on the last pancake, even though he was having trouble finishing what was on his plate. He was worried I might eat it.

I assured him I wouldn't touch the last pancake. I said that I'd save it for him and Amelia (if she finished her apple slices).

Then I went into the kitchen to wash dishes.

Cole came racing into the kitchen and in an anguished voice cried, "Amelia says her is going to eat ALL of the last pancake!"

I had to hide my amusement. Amelia can sometimes get a recognizable word out but she certainly can't string together that kind of a threat. I came out into the living room to tell Mark, "Get this! Cole says Amelia is threatening to eat all of the last pancake!"

Mark grinned. Then he said, "Turn around and say that again."

I repeated, "Amelia says she's going to eat all of the last pancake..."

Amelia sat in her high chair, grinning ear to ear and nodding emphatically.

"SEE!" Cole cried.

1 comment:

Trudy said...

Melissa, that is awesome. It only gets better with the sibling teasing from here! Now that she has figured out how to get Cole worked up, it will go on and on and on. Quinn is a master at getting her brothers going.

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