Friday, August 31, 2012

Poor Little Ear Drums

I have a friend and colleague, (Let's call her Elizabeth), and about two months ago, she began to have some ear trouble. When she was out and about and in a crowd, she didn't notice anything to be amiss. But when she was reading and all was quiet, in her ear she could hear a tap-tap-tapping noise. It wasn't just strange, it was distracting. She had to wear an ear plug so she could fall asleep at night. (I found it interesting that this helped to keep the tap-tapping sound quiet).

She saw her doctor and got a referral to see a hearing specialist. It's quite worrisome, you know, to have strange noises knocking around in your ear canals.

Then, about six weeks after all the tap-tapping began, Elizabeth and her fiancé, Roy, went to a Bruce Springstein concert. She said it was fantastic. Unbelievable. Uplifting. Some aspects almost spiritual. And also unbelievably loud. It was so loud that Elizabeth and Roy, sitting with thighs touching, had to send text messages to each other in order to communicate. Elizabeth thought to herself, well if my hearing isn't in trouble, it's certainly gone now! This is lunacy! This is bananas!

And the next day, while she was enjoying some sunshine on her deck, turning the pages of her novel, she paused and looked around and said to herself, "It's suddenly so quiet." What was different? And then she realized.... no tap-tapping.

The magic of Springstein.

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