Thursday, September 16, 2010

I'm Sorry

I got a book at the library yesterday, for Cole, called "Martha doesn't say I'm sorry". Martha is a little girl who has difficulty apologizing. Cole has the opposite inclination. But it's an endearing inclination.

So it began when he threw his toy truck down the stairs. "That's not nice!" I exclaimed. So I made him go downstairs to retrieve his truck and then I made him say sorry to the truck. "I'm sorry, guck!" he said sweetly and then he kissed it.

But now, randomly, Mark will be making supper and he'll spill the salt (Mark, not Cole) and Cole will say, "I'm sorry, Daddy. Sorry." And Mark will say, "Buddy, you didn't do anything wrong."

Yesterday, I opened the front door on Cole's foot. And it jammed his shoe to the floor and the door got stuck and Cole was also stuck (but not hurt). "Oops," I said, "I opened the door on your foot!" And he looked up at me, "Sorry, Mommy. I'm sorry."

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