Sunday, July 26, 2009

Packing for Thunder Bay.

At Pearson.

Eating brunch at the airport.

Looking at the airplanes.

Victoria gives Cole soooooooooo much love.

A natural baseball player.

Grandpa Mike and Cole.

Hmmmm, it can't be that hard.

13.1 seconds.

A stowaway that neither Mark nor I packed.

Centennial Park.

Austyn and Cole at the Centennial Park Farm.

Victoria and Cole share a moment.

NO ONE likes the swing like Cole.

Cole can mini-putt even with Daddy strapped to his back.

Boulevard Mini-Putt.

Kim and Cole.

At Hillcrest Park....
...overlooking the Sleeping Giant.

Riding the Cannon - a Peron boy tradition.

Overlooking Nana Bijoux.

Bath time with Grandma Kathy.

A new trick to make transporting toys easier while crawling.

Aunt Andrea and Cole.

Uncle Matt teaches Cole a thing or two about how to swing a bat. You're never too young to start.

Natalee Miron and Cole Peron on a date at Moxie's.

To be Continued.....

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