Friday, March 14, 2008

Melissa Moments: Imaginary Handbag

A few Fridays ago, I set out to the Burlington mall with a list of errands to run. The trip would start off at Zellers, I decided, and the things I couldn't find there, I would then go into the mall to get at more specialized stores.

So I parked near Zellers and went inside. I took a red plastic basket and slung it over one arm and wandered up and down the aisles seeking out a department that might carry tax software and another are that might carry an ink cartridge. After a while, I began to feel silly for having believed Zellers would carry these things. So I made my way to the entrance to the mall and made a beeline for Radioshack (now currently called The Source).

In The Source, I asked if they carried ink cartridges for my HP 1610 all-in-one printer, scanner, copier. The dude behind the counter really should have been more knowledgeable on this topic. He seemed unsure because I didn't know the number of the ink cartridge (ie. 95, 93, etc.). I got a bit impatient with him, "If we know the type of printer, it'll say on the cartridge if it's good for that printer, " I had to explain to him. He looked at me dubiously and I began to lose my patience with him. "Just show me where the cartridges are and I'll find it myself," I told him haughtily.

I walked with determination to the ink cartridges, found the one I needed within seconds, and returned to the counter proudly. I set it on the counter, smiling smugly.

Then, as I reached for my credit card in my purse, I noticed something dangling from my left elbow. It was a large, red, plastic Zellers basket. It was empty and useless except to balance my purse on my other elbow. The guy behind the cash register noticed it too. My smug-factor decreased several notches.

What else could I say besides, "Huh. I seem to have brought a Zellers basket with me.....I guess I'll have to bring this back now."

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