Sunday, October 01, 2006

The One

Do you believe in soul mates? The existence of the one and only match for you out there in the universe?

Well, if you read my earlier blog entitled Standing in a Snowbank, it seemed as if I was leaning towards believing in a higher power which dictates whether a certain special wedding gown is The One. That when you try it on, you will know.

Since that gown in Peterborough, I have gone shopping two more times for wedding gowns. Last weekend, I found The One, again. Only this time, it was silk and $1600. It was easier to walk away from that dress. And luckily, yesterday, I found The One a third time. By now, though, I’ve learned that gowns are made to make us feel like princesses. Any dress that does that well and makes us feel beautiful, will be deemed, The One.

The dress yesterday not only made me feel beautiful, but it made my wallet feel a lot more beautiful than the silk masterpiece of the weekend before. It was at Laura’s Dream Bridal Gallery. It’s a discount shop. The prices are great. And Laura even gave me a hug on my way out of the store. What fun! Dresses are so hard to describe in words, so let me just say, there’s ivory taffeta and pink embroidery and lots and lots of laces up the back for Maryann to be in charge of.

In October, I am the proud owner of my very own snowbank!

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Ben & Maryann Roebuck said...

I'll start practising on my shoes and shirts now.

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