Tuesday, June 29, 2010

The Blue Binder

I remember the Blue Binder. And I remember the meeting where the Character Ed department gave the Blue Binder to each staff member. I remember raising my hand and saying, "Maybe you (the committee) should keep our binders until all the necessary documents are in them. I'm afraid we might misplace them." I remember someone making the argument that the staff were responsible enough to keep their own binders without losing them.

I'm just not sure what happened after that. I don't remember taking my Blue Binder out of the meeting room. I may have lost it that very day. Or maybe the committee, did, after all, heed my advice and decide to hold on to everyone's Blue Binders.

Trouble is, I can't ask anyone if I'm supposed to know where I put my Blue Binder. If I do, they'll know I've lost mine.

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