Monday, August 04, 2008

Astronaut in the Family

Jay is my very determined little brother. He is also quite genius and has a quirky sense of humour. I recently learned that he has applied to the Canadian Space Agency to be an astronaut. He sent his resume and cover letter to my sister for proof-reading. But before he sent the real thing, he sent this:

Dear Canadian Space Agency,

I am applying in pursuit of my dream to become an astronaut. My peak mental and physical conditioning will allow me to not only survive but to tame the very wildness of outer-space for the betterment of all Canada-kind.

All of my education and training has been in preparation for this moment, to answer my country’s call for spacemen. I have completed my Master’s degree in Aerospace Engineering, so my natural mental acuity has been supremely trained and honed with the concepts of aerodynamics, robotics and space systems. Physicality is certainly an area where I am no wimp, for camping, hockey, and ultimate frisbee have honed this body of mine to the point where I have been compared to a Greek god.

Perseverance, tenacity, dedication, charismatic, genius, future Prime-Minister of Canada; all of these words, and more, have been used to describe yours truly. Whether I am captaining the University of Toronto Free Flight Glider Team or leading my ultimate frisbee team to yet another victory, I always demand the best from my teammates and myself. My father has described me as my own biggest critic, and I am, but yet I see no flaws. Perfect candidate, check!

End Letter.

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Anonymous said...

Tell Jay to read "Riding Rockets" by Mike Mullane.. amazing and critical book about the NASA space program.. from the viewpoint of an astronaut

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